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Workplace Emergency Response

There are several Australian Standards (recommended guidelines) that cover emergency procedures. They are:

  • AS 3745 - 2010  (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities
  • AS 4083 - 2010 (Emergency Responses for Health Care Facilities)
  • AS 1851 - 2005  (Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment section 19 & Appendix G)

Salamander Fire conducts Workplace emergency Response courses for many different workplaces ranging from industrial/manufacturing complexes to aged care centres.

We believe that whilst the basic concepts do not change, information must be relevant to YOUR workplace and YOUR type of facility. For example, a program that suits a large manufacturer has no relevance to a childcare centre.


Non-accredited Courses:

Introductory courses in Emergency Preparedness for the workplace

Our most popular course is a combination of Initial Warden Training (2 hours) followed by Workplace Fires/Emergencies (1.5 hours). This course is designed for those workplaces that have a basic Emergency Control Organisation in place (Chief Warden/Wardens) and formal procedures. These are adapted for individual workplaces so that the information is relevant to YOU and YOUR workplace.

Initial Warden Training:

Course Outline:

  • Defining emergency response
  • Identification of Emergency Control personnel (roles & functions)
  • What could go wrong? - hazard analysis of YOUR site
  • Human behaviour in emergencies
  • Emergency response - what to do when and how for YOUR site

Workplace Fires/Emergency Response

Course outline:

  • Emergency equipment for YOUR site
  • Properties and classes of fire
  • First attack firefighting - when and what
  • Extinguisher selection and use
  • Extinguisher practical - demonstrate using extinguishers on a live fire

Learning Strategies

Our programs have been designed to identify hazards and risks for YOUR individual worksite. Each site has its own inherent hazards and risks. Our training is designed to assist you and your staff to identify those hazards and to put in place appropriate measures to eliminate or to at least, minimise them. We use a combination of face-to-face interaction, video/DVD


We will require:

  • A suitable room for the number of staff to be trained
  • Access to power
  • Parking for the trainer
  • For the practical component, a safe, open area of around 3 car park spaces

We will provide:

  • Data projector, laptop, screen
  • All practical fire fighting gear (we use gas-fired simulation fires and minimum impact equipment to minimise environmental footprint)
  • Course material as appropriate




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