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PO Box 250, Kilsyth, Melbourne 3137 Victoria Australia


Fire Consultancy & Engineering Services

Salamander Fire Australia Pty Ltd, through its strong association with fellow organisations can provide expert advice or (if required) referral on.

Fire Consultancy & Engineering Services include

  • General safety inspections and associated training
  • Project management
  • Industrial fire protection and management plans
  • General fire consultancy and management
  • Fire engineering design briefs, inspections and certification of essential services
  • Fire safety audits

Many organisations do not realise (or choose to ignore) simple fire safety systems. Others work on the principal that "it won't happen to us and if it does, we will worry about it then".

If nothing else, OHS legislation in ALL States requires that a workplace must be as safe as is reasonably practicable. Not following basic fire safety systems may lead to prosecution and possible death or serious injury to staff or visitors.


Extinguishers obstructed and incorrect for location and fire risk


Fire exit egress route blocked and inappropriate storage of gas cylinders


Flammable liquids cabinets located inappropriately and without proper protection


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